"Don't Open the Gate!"

Lighting Fist Luke is excited by the arrival of his granddaughter, Clementine, and invites our Yee-haw Junction gang over to make her feel welcome. Having made plans to take the four out to Monster Mikey’s Pizza Palace, Lightning Fist Luke excuses himself to get food for his dog, Sparky. Before he leaves, he gives the gang the instructions not to open the gate. Having never told them why, Ronnie, Roy, & Nell are convinced that Lighting Fist is trying to keep them from something wonderful. Thankfully, Clementine keeps them from disobeying, thus saving them the hassle of chasing Sparky all over the country.
"Doing Good for Others"

After determining how the gang can best serve others, Ronnie, Roy, Nell, & Clementine, decided to make a care package for Miss Newberry. Unimpressed by their efforts to do good deeds, Sneaky Pete devises a plan to stop them. His plan would succeed if it weren’t for the infectious attitude of Clementine. Clementine’s attitude encourages the others to keep on serving no matter what the circumstances. In the end, Sneaky Pete’s plan is foiled and Miss Newberry gets her care package.
"Don't Forget to Pray"

Our gang has set off to have a picnic in the park. Once at the park, Ronnie, Roy, Nell, & Clementine discover the great lunch that Clementine’s grandpa packed for them. They also discover a note he wrote reminding them to pray. But everytime they begin to pray they are distracted by one more thing. Plagued by these many distractions the gang has to rely on one another to remember this very important part of their meal - Prayer.
"Have Compassion"

Sneaky Pete is up to his old tricks again, but is foiled when his trap, intended for the Yee-haw Junction Gang doesn’t go off. Trying to figure out what went wrong, Sneaky Pete ends up in the trap himself. Hanging upside down and struggling, Sneaky Pete’s two buddies, Snake and Weasel proceed to hurl insults at him. Sneaky Pete is crushed. On their way back home from a hike to Sunset Canyon, our Yee-haw Junction gang finds Sneaky Pete caught in his own trap. Perfectly happy to let him hang there, Clementine has to remind the gang of the Good Samaritan. Realizing what needs to be done, the gang sets Sneaky Pete free, teaching him a very important lesson about compassion for others.