The adventures of Danny Do-Right and Dastardly Phil are sure to delight everyone. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to enhance your Vacation Bible School. These hilarious and delightful short films are sure to be a VBS favorite! Click here to preview "Bearing good fruit."
“Being Obedient”
When a young boy is sent to clean his room, Dastardly Phil lays before him a temptation to shirk his responsibilities. Stopped just in the nick of time, Danny Do-Right convinces the young boy to obey his father and return to his work. A great lesson on obedience. This short film is sure to hit home with both children and parents alike.

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“Bearing Good Fruit”
As a cute loving family prepares a care package for the widows, Dastardly Phil quickly puts a plan in motion to foil their good deeds. But no matter how sinister and dastardly his plan may be – he is no match for Danny Do-Right! The chase scene that ensues is one you don’t want to miss! Click here to watch!!!
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“Take Time to Pray”
It’s snack time! But when Danny Do-Right encourages the young boys to first thank God for their blessings, he quickly discovers someone else has different plans. No matter how hard Dastardly Phil tries to distract them, Danny’s persistence to thank God wins. A hilarious and delightful film for everyone!
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“Showing Compassion”
Danny Do-Right and Dastardly Phil meet for one final showdown, but are quickly interrupted by a little girl’s cry for help. Unable to ignore her cries, Danny runs to her aid but soon realizes he needs help. Begrudgingly, Dastardly Phil comes when Danny calls. Softened by the little girls warmth and gratitude, Dastardly Phil’s transformation is one you don’t want to miss!
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